About us

www.asankadr.az is a career and development portal which runs under "ASAN kadr" career center.

Career center was established by School of ASAN Volunteerism in order to assist volunteers in their career. Taking into account the requirements of the existing labor market, the Center forms cadres in the following and other professions.

Volunteers during their activity through the School of ASAN Volunteerism gain knowledge and experience in delivering services to citizens. Also they participate in specialized training programs, become interns in private and state entities, develop soft skills and so on. By finishing mentioned programs volunteer uploads his/her's resume on web site, and entities post available vacancies there as well. In this way, www.asankadr.az portal plays technological bridge between youth, state and private entities.

www.asankadr.az portal was presented to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the opening of Barda regional "ASAN service" center in 12th March 2015.